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What’s the Victim’s Role in Getting Texas DV Charges Dismissed?

Celebrity chef Grady Spears was recently arrested for assaulting his wife after police arrived on the scene due to a domestic violence complaint and found his wife covered in bruises. His wife stated at the scene that Spears had hit her multiple times.

However, Spears’ wife says that he had been taking medications for his back pain and potentially for other health conditions, but stopped taking the medication as directed. She contends that that is why the assault occurred.

She also stated that he is a “loving husband and father” and is “devastated by the allegations against him.” [...]

Got a Texas DWI Charge on the 4th?  What a Conviction Could Mean

If you were arrested on DWI charges in Texas over the Fourth of July holiday, what can you expect? We’ll tell you what you need to know about penalties and how an experienced criminal attorney can help you fight your charges.

DWI Laws in Texas

Every 20 minutes, a person in Texas is hurt or killed in a vehicle crash that involves alcohol use. These numbers increase over the July 4th holiday, when many people drive home from parties after having had too much to drink. Even people who aren’t heavy drinkers can get arrested for driving while intoxicated, since the police have additional patrols on July 4th. [...]

What You Should Know about Marijuana Possession Charges in Texas

Nationally and internationally, attitudes about Marijuana are changing. Eight states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana, while 28 states and Washington D.C have legalized medical marijuana. On top of this, a number of states have decriminalized petty offenses such as possession of small amounts of marijuana.

However, true to form, Texas has gone its own way with marijuana laws. Marijuana is very much still illegal in the state of Texas, and our state continues to impose harsh penalties for possession of even very small amounts. Further, hashish and concentrates are considered separate drugs, and possession of these substances is even more harshly punished – possession of any amount is a felony. [...]