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In Texas, Who You Allegedly Assault Matters a Lot

Imagine you and your buddies are part of a basketball league. During a game, an opposing player fouls you hard, and it pisses you off. But for the sake of the team, you keep your composure.

After the game, the team goes out for drinks. A few beers in, you notice that the jerk who fouled you earlier is sitting three tables over.

Fueled by drunken judgment and some peer pressure, you head over to tell him off. Not surprisingly, things get heated. Before you know it, your fist hurts, and the guy is bleeding on the floor. [...]

Texas Theft Charges: What You Need to Know

“Stop! Thief!”

If you’re hearing these two words, you’re probably in some trouble. Not all theft cases are that dramatic, but the consequences for stealing another’s property may end up costing you more than just a bit of pocket change.

Here, we’re going to detail the basics of Texas theft charges so you can know what you’re up against if you are charged, and how you can give yourself the best chance at walking away from the courtroom without any consequences.

How Does Texas Define “Theft”?

Texas defines theft as the act of “unlawfully appropriating property with intent to deprive the owner of property.” [...]

Acts That Texas Lists as Sex Crimes in the State Statutes

Criminal offenses involving sexual misconduct, sexual assault, illegal pornography, or unlawful sexual behavior fall under the umbrella of sex crimes, which come with serious consequences.

Sex crimes are harshly prosecuted in all states, but Texas prosecutes sex crimes more aggressively than many other states, particularly those committed against minors. If you are charged with a sex crime, you face a long prison sentence and possible registration as a sex offender.

Below, we’re going to cover common sex crimes in the state of Texas, as well as the sex offender registration process. [...]

How Texas Prosecutors Can Turn Drug Possession into Drug Trafficking

Even if you have never distributed or transported drugs in Texas, you can face drug trafficking charges in Texas under certain conditions. In this post, we’ll explain the factors that influence whether you are charged with drug possession or drug trafficking, and how a skilled attorney can help you fight your charges.

Factors That Can Lead to Texas Drug Trafficking Charges Instead of Possession Charges

When Texas law enforcement officers make an arrest on suspicion of drug possession or trafficking, these are the factors that could result in drug trafficking charges. [...]

What’s the Victim’s Role in Getting Texas DV Charges Dismissed?

Celebrity chef Grady Spears was recently arrested for assaulting his wife after police arrived on the scene due to a domestic violence complaint and found his wife covered in bruises. His wife stated at the scene that Spears had hit her multiple times.

However, Spears’ wife says that he had been taking medications for his back pain and potentially for other health conditions, but stopped taking the medication as directed. She contends that that is why the assault occurred.

She also stated that he is a “loving husband and father” and is “devastated by the allegations against him.” [...]