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Beat Your Charge: Strategies to Fight Texas Drug Offenses

If you have been accused of drug crimes in Texas, you have several options for fighting back against the charges.

In this post, we’ll outline a number of common defenses for drug crimes that have proven successful. Depending on the circumstances of your case, one or more of these defenses may work to get your Texas drug charges reduced – or even dropped or dismissed.

Improper Police Procedure

If the police lacked probable cause, used harsh or abusive actions, failed to read you your rights, or performed an illegal search or seizure, your case may never make it to court. [...]

How Texas Prosecutors Can Turn Drug Possession into Drug Trafficking

Even if you have never distributed or transported drugs in Texas, you can face drug trafficking charges in Texas under certain conditions. In this post, we’ll explain the factors that influence whether you are charged with drug possession or drug trafficking, and how a skilled attorney can help you fight your charges.

Factors That Can Lead to Texas Drug Trafficking Charges Instead of Possession Charges

When Texas law enforcement officers make an arrest on suspicion of drug possession or trafficking, these are the factors that could result in drug trafficking charges. [...]

What You Should Know about Marijuana Possession Charges in Texas

Nationally and internationally, attitudes about Marijuana are changing. Eight states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana, while 28 states and Washington D.C have legalized medical marijuana. On top of this, a number of states have decriminalized petty offenses such as possession of small amounts of marijuana.

However, true to form, Texas has gone its own way with marijuana laws. Marijuana is very much still illegal in the state of Texas, and our state continues to impose harsh penalties for possession of even very small amounts. Further, hashish and concentrates are considered separate drugs, and possession of these substances is even more harshly punished – possession of any amount is a felony. [...]

Drug Crime Consequences in Texas by Penalty Group

Drug crimes are some of the most common criminal offenses, both in our state and across the nation. However, drug crime charges should be taken very seriously here, as Texas has some of the harshest consequences for drug offenses in the country.

Texas drug laws break down the degree of offense and sentencing by the type and amount of substance, and whether the defendant was merely in possession of the substance or distributed or intended to distribute the substance in question.

Penalty Group 1 (PG1)

Penalty group 1 includes highly dangerous and addictive substances such as opiates, cocaine, rohypnol, and methamphetamines. [...]